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X3D Studio Officially Opens The Largest Virtual Production Studio In Southeast Asia Within An Iconic Former Power Station In Singapore


LED Studio

  • ARRI, a global technology leader in motion picture and live entertainment, has approved X3D Studio to be the first ARRI-accredited virtual production stage in the world.

  • To celebrate the official launch, X3D Studio will release its first two virtual production short films starring local artists Qi Yuwu, Oon Shu An and Andrew Lua.

Housed in a 40,000 sq ft historic site of an old power station and after S$8 million of refurbishments, X3D Studio boasts an unrivalled scale as the largest virtual production studio in Southeast Asia and located in Singapore. The state-of-the-art studio offers pioneering technology and advanced facilities on par with leading studios around the world.

To mark its launch, X3D Studio will be releasing two virtual production short films titled 'Trap' and 'Dead End' on their website and YouTube channel, each starring familiar faces from the local entertainment scene in the form of Qi Yuwu, Oon Shu An and Andrew Lua.

The sprawling venue is not just a film studio but a multi-purpose facility with versatile spaces that can be rented out for a range of private events. Offering an ambience crafted for inspiration, it is set to be the new venue of choice to elevate events and bring film shoots to unparalleled heights.

X3D Studio is poised to propel the nation's emerging industry forward as the world's first virtual ICVFX production studio accredited by ARRI, a leading film technology and solutions provider dedicated to connecting creativity and future technologies for moving images and live entertainment. ICVFX is short for ‘In-Camera Visual Effects’, an innovative technique where visual effects are captured in the camera instead of the traditional post-production process.

Renowned filmmakers worldwide capture their masterpieces with ARRI's camera and lighting systems and rental services, including Oscar winners. With its business unit, ARRI Solutions, the global player offers tailored solutions for the next generation of media and entertainment.

"We are very proud to launch an exciting new industry for Singapore and provide

filmmakers with the technology, tools, and creative support to enable their vision to be realised. Singapore, being a place with fewer filming spaces, is the ideal city to support and be one of the leaders for Virtual Production," said Karen Seah, Co-founder and CEO of X3D Studio and Refinery Media.

"We are excited to see the establishment of X3D Studio in Singapore, as it will foster collaborations and accelerate the use of virtual production technology in Singapore and Asia. These efforts are aligned with IMDA's commitment to innovation and industry excellence. We look forward to seeing more captivating content produced by Singapore's media industry as emerging technologies unlock new capabilities for storytelling," added Suryahti Abdul Latiff, Director, Media Capability Development, Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA).


ARRI Stage Accreditation is an international program delivered by ARRI Solutions. It utilises ARRI's deep expertise in image quality, efficient studio design, and reliable workflows to set the benchmark for best-in-class virtual production environments.

This accreditation entailed a rigorous consultancy and evaluation process across a range of workflows, metadata, colour, technical and structural criteria, as well as integration and training for X3D Studio's technicians on digital production solutions, including ARRI's Color Management for Virtual Production workflow and metadata integration.

X3D Studio customers also benefit from state-of-the-art ARRI technology, including an ALEXA 35 camera and Signature Prime lenses, SkyPanel X, classic SkyPanel and Orbiter lighting fixtures.

"ARRI Stage Accreditation launches X3D Studio immediately onto the global map

through the highest ICVFX technical standards and the integration of ARRI's Color Management for Virtual Production system with our certified colour management technicians, who will support international productions right here in Singapore," said Myke Brown, Co-founder of X3D Studio.

"The ARRI Stage Accreditation immediately indicates to clients and prospects that X3D Studio meets our strict criteria to deliver consistent, high-quality virtual production content," emphasised Kevin Schwutke, Senior Vice President, Business Unit Solutions ARRI Group. "We congratulate X3D Studio's team in achieving the accreditation and look forward to supporting a successful future for the facility and its productions."


The studio houses INFiLED's state-of-the-art LED display, which boasts impressive specs in colour accuracy, pixel pitch resolution, vivid colour reproduction and wide dynamic range. Additionally, the integration of INFiLED's revolutionary CBSF (Colour & Brightness Shift Free) Technology ensures consistent colour and brightness across a wide range of viewing angles in all conditions.

The wall's high-performance processing is powered by Brompton Technology Tessera SX40 Processors for exceptional panel performance and reliable colour accuracy. Its integration with 7x customised render nodes featuring A6000 Ada Generation GPUs provides the processing muscle to handle even the most demanding visuals.

Motion capture technology provider OptiTrack®™ offers precision camera tracking and 3D motion capture technology, allowing accurate and high-performance results on-set. The studio uses a mix of OptiTrack Prime X 41 and Prime X 22 motion capture cameras to track the cinema cameras' movements and outputs the motion data in real-time to adjust the visual perspective of the background content on the LED screen. The motion capture cameras can also track props, lights and multiple actors' full-body motion simultaneously for use in animation.

The studio is also equipped with Singapore's first Scorpio 45' telescopic crane.


X3D Studio, in association with Refinery Media, marks its launch with the premiere of two sci-fi short films entitled 'Trap' and 'Dead End'. Releasing in end-June 2024 on X3D Studio's website and YouTube channel, the films star well-known celebrities Qi Yuwu, Oon Shu An, and Andrew Lua. Set in the hyper-realistic distant future of Singapore, X3D Studio demonstrates its capabilities in using advanced technology to create limitless possibilities for movie sets.

Fully equipped to handle the entire process of crafting and executing virtual scenes, X3D Studio starts by creating virtual assets and environments to bring the director's vision to life. Using advanced technology and skilled Unreal© technical artists, the scenes are then executed by a dedicated crew, including the art department, camera and lighting operators, LED specialists, directors, and producers, ensuring a smooth and precise translation of the script into completed scenes.

'Dead End' is an action-packed buddy film set in a dystopian, post-apocalyptic Singapore. Starring Qi Yuwu as Jax and Andrew Lua as his partner-in-crime, Ben, the film follows their harrowing journey as they navigate a dangerous, desolate cityscape. Together, they face a near brush with death, relying on their wits and each other to survive in this gripping tale of friendship and survival.

'Trap', starring Oon Shu An, stylistically shows a glimpse of what a futuristic Singapore will look like in 2080 and the value of human connection in a world where technology dominates. Shu An portrays a female scientist whose life and work are deeply intertwined with AI, blurring the boundaries between her simulated experiences and reality. This film is Shu An's first time acting in a virtual production set.

"If I were to compare working with green screen and Virtual Production, the green screen requires a lot of imagination on my part, and executing a well-timed performance depends on all the different production elements from camera movement to lighting and props coming together, without actually seeing what it

is going to look like eventually. Virtual Production is an immersive experience

immediately visible to everyone on set, allowing me to react directly to the

environment. The available physical locations often limit local filmmaking, so I am excited to see how creativity can flourish as real and imagined locations come to life at X3D Studio," said actor Qi Yuwu.

"I enjoyed that so many factors became a lot more controllable. For example, the very simple but eternal problem of light. With this, there was no worry about losing light because the sun was setting or because of changing weather conditions, no more running for shelter to hide from a storm, or settling on a take we were not happy with because the sun had gone down. Being transported into these wonderful sets that meld these incredible virtual worlds seamlessly with the physical ones was such a treat. The possibilities this presents are endless, and I am very much looking forward to seeing how it will be adopted here," actor Oon Shu An mused.

"I had a blast being part of this! Being able to create a world that is nearly impossible

to recreate in Singapore. Imagine creating cinematic universes in Singapore that

would otherwise be constrained by land space, logistics and, well, reality. This is the

future," said actor Andrew Lua.

About Qi Yuwu

Qi Yuwu quickly gained recognition in Singapore for his natural acting and versatility in playing many convincing roles, which won him three Best Actor Awards at Mediacorp's Star Awards. He is also the first Mediacorp star to launch a successful movie career, with notable roles in The Little Nonya, C.L.I.F, The Dream Makers, and A Quest To Heal. No stranger to virtual Production, Qi Yuwu played the lead in Mediacorp's Jan 2024 drama series "Once Upon A New Year's Eve", featuring a time-travel narrative that recreated historical settings in Singapore that do not exist anymore, such as the old National Library and National Theatre.

About Oon Shu An

Oon Shu An is a versatile actor who has been spreading her natural warmth and energy in theatre, TV, and film. She was a founding member of TheatreStrays, an Associate Artist with Checkpoint Theatre, and a Board Member of Drama Box. Her sell-out cross-media one-woman show with Checkpoint Theatre, #UnicornMoment, was nominated for the Best Original Script at the Life! Theatre Awards, where she has also had Best Actress nominations for her roles in Pangdemonium's Chinglish, This is What Happens to Pretty Girls, Esplanade's Mergers and Accusations and for Singapore Theatre Company, formerly Singapore Repertory Theatre's Lungs, with whom she just finished a run of the one-woman show, Grounded. On TV, her best-known roles were in Netflix's Marco Polo, Code of Law, The Last Bout, and How to be a Good Girl, for which she won the National Award for Best Actress and represented Singapore at the inaugural Asian Academy Creative Awards. Her feature film credits include Han Yew Kwang's Rubbers, Sam Loh's 4Love, and Kelvin Tong's Republic of Food.

About Andrew Lua

Andrew Lua is an actor, host, voice-over artist and director for film and theatre. Andrew's versatility as an actor has seen him cast in vastly different roles in local and international work. His craft has led him to places such as Barcelona, Japan, the Philippines, and even the Himalayas. Andrew's recent international credits include Boi, a Spanish indie film currently on American & European Netflix, as well as an episode of Almost Paradise, an Amazon Freevee Original. Recent theatre productions include the lead role in Esplanade's staging of the Pulitzer Award-winning script How I Learned to Drive, Wild Rice's Snow White, The Amazing Celestial Race, and Singapore Repertory Theatre's LKY Musical.


Singapore's Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) is committed to nurturing local virtual production talent to meet the growing industry demand. In December 2023, IMDA announced a funding of S$55 million to support international co-productions and enhance local virtual production capabilities.


Besides paving the way with leading-edge technology and progressive facilities to support all forms of filming, X3D Studio is proud to launch its Academy to train budding creatives to grow the future of the virtual production industry in Singapore.

X3D Studio will partner with Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP) to conduct two of three courses in Virtual Production:



Introduction to Virtual Production

(VP 101)

This introductory program covers the essential tools and techniques in Virtual Production, tailored for aspiring filmmakers and media professionals. Conducted by Nanyang Polytechnic

Introduction to Virtual Production

(VP 102)

Building on the fundamentals from VP 101, this course delves deeper into more complex techniques within virtual production workflows. Conducted by Nanyang Polytechnic

X3D Academy ICVFX Accelerator

for Professionals


Designed for seasoned production crew and industry professionals seeking to master the art of in-camera visual effects (ICVFX), this intensive program covers advanced techniques and workflows, including real-time rendering, camera tracking, and virtual set integration. Conducted by X3D Studio


Introducing a world of immersive and extraordinary experiences using Virtual Production, X3D Studio offers creative new ways of Production for not just film and television but also other industries like real estate development and tourism. Its massive LED screen displays pre-produced digital backgrounds as 3D worlds created by the studio's team of Unreal© artists. These virtual environments, powered by the Unreal© Engine, provide dynamic experiences for talent and production crew to bring the desired vision to life.

Compared to traditional filmmaking, digital backdrops can replace on-location filming to create hyper-realistic environments in a city-state with scarce filming locations like Singapore. The advantages of virtual Production are immense as it helps to save time and resources while minimising the need to resolve issues on outdoor sets, such as unpredictable weather, lighting, and sound. Besides offering complete design freedom, it reduces carbon footprint and production costs and even streamlines post-production.

In September 2023, X3D Studio made its mark with the successful "Now is Not the Time" immersive art exhibition, which paid tribute to the life and legacy of Singapore's visionary founding father, Mr Lee Kuan Yew, as part of the nationwide LKY100 celebration.


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