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At X3D, our venue is not just a space; it's an experience that transcends conventional boundaries.


With state-of-the-art facilities and an ambiance crafted for inspiration, your events and film shoots will be elevated to unparalleled heights.


Step into the extraordinary world of X3D, where venue hire becomes an immersive and limitless experience. Our location unfolds as a sprawling 40,000 sqft playground, a versatile canvas where the boundaries between events and film shoots blur into a seamless tapestry of creativity.


Step into the grandeur of the 26,000 sqft X3D Event Hall, where the very essence of celebration is redefined under the embrace of unrivalled scale and soaring ceilings.


Immerse yourself in an atmosphere where celebrations take flight. Whether it's a vibrant party pulsating with energy, a thought-provoking conference that sparks innovation, or any event that demands a touch of grandeur — the X3D Event Hall is the epitome of versatile sophistication.


Picture a conference that commands attention, a gala that leaves an indelible impression, or a celebration — all against the backdrop of unparalleled scale and high ceilings.

04_Event Hall


04_LED Studio

X3D Studio proudly houses the largest LED volume in Southeast Asia.

Our groundbreaking LED wall, the only one of its scale and quality in the region, represents a revolutionary leap forward in visual storytelling.


Imagine your ideas coming to life on this cutting-edge stage, where technology and imagination merge seamlessly. A dedicated Brain Bar serves as your mission control, a central hub for real-time collaboration between directors, VFX artists, and the entire production team.

We have the capability to equip productions with the industry’s top-of-the-line tools.


Our camera package features the ARRI Alexa 35, known for its exceptional image quality and dynamic range.


ARRI’s colour management system ensures your colour space, as DMX lighting is scientifically controlled with ARRI Skypanel X and calibrated systems, trusted for their colour accuracy from the most demanding ICVFX shoots.


For those creative and demanding shots, we utilise the Scorpio 45’ telescopic crane, offering precise camera movement and exceptional reach.

04_LED Studio Specs


Mini Studio

Looking for a more intimate setting? Explore the charm of our mini studio, a versatile space that adapts effortlessly to your unique requirements. Whether it’s a smaller-scale video or photoshoot, this cozy enclave provides the perfect backdrop for your vision.

04_Mini Studio
04_Open Lounge Area

Open Lounge Area

Dive into a realm of innovation within our open-plan lounge, a space designed for collaboration and ideation. Unleash the power of creativity in an environment that fosters dynamic discussions and sparks inventive solutions.

Green Rooms

Our private green rooms offer a sanctuary for artistes where they can indulge in pre-performance prep or unwind after the spotlight, all within the luxurious comfort of their own dedicated space.

04_Green Rooms


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