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LEVERAGING artificial intelligence (AI), the late former prime minister of Singapore, Lee Kuan Yew, has been “resurrected” for an immersive exhibition celebrating his life and legacy.

The show uses cutting-edge tools such as augmented reality, ChatGPT, virtual production and generative art to tell an expansive story of Singapore’s past, present and future.

Staged in a cavernous former power station in Pasir Panjang, visitors can expect an experience unlike any before. Seldom has a commemoration of Lee been this ambitious in combining the fields of art, architecture, design, film and music to enter into speculative terrain and offer possible visions of Singapore’s future a century from now.

The creators behind it include Karen Seah, founder of X3D Studio and Refinery Media; Daniel Arsham, a much sought-after contemporary artist who has collaborated with Dior, Adidas, Porsche and other top brands; Tay Chee Wei, a Singapore-born, Melbourne-based composer who composed the soundtrack for select episodes of Emmy-nominated documentary series Nova; and Brewin Design Office, led by Robert Cheng.

Students of Lasalle College of the Arts and Nanyang Polytechnic have also created works for the show.

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