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At X3D we have a team comprising of film directors, storytellers, engineers, creative coders, art directors, motion graphic designers, and AI engineers. We love to be able to combine art and technology and add our storytelling expertise to bring a unique take on Public immersive experiences. ​


We have curated and created an immersive art exhibition "Now Is Not The Time" to honour SIngapore's Founding Father Lee Kuan Yew and collaborated with Daniel Arsham among others to bring a spectacular exhibition for Singapore.​


At X3D, we are proud to offer a cutting-edge generative art service that leverages the power of algorithms and creative programming to produce captivating and ever-evolving artworks. Our generative art service is designed to inspire, engage, and captivate your audience through dynamic and unique visual and auditory experiences.


At X3D, we specialise in crafting extraordinary art installations that have the power to completely reshape spaces and enthral audiences. Our Art Installation service is a fusion of artistic ingenuity, artisanal skills, and technical proficiency, all working together to breathe life into your imaginative ideas. These installations are meticulously designed for public spaces, events, exhibitions, and more .Furthermore, we are proud to collaborate with top-tier artists to translate their visionary concepts into reality.



We specialize in creating immersive and innovative Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) experiences that transport users to new realms and unlock the limitless potential of interactive technology. Our AR/VR Experience service redefines reality and elevates engagement for diverse industries, from entertainment to education.

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